Summer’s swirling in, and what delight sings the season better than a scoop of ice cream? It’s a favourite treat across all age groups and demographics, making the ice cream business a smart endeavor for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you’re in or around Kelowna BC and looking to churn up the ultimate ice cream business, you’ve come to the right place. A1 Heating and Air Conditioning is the trusted name behind the installation and maintenance of commercial refrigeration.
Ice cream sales tend to reach their zenith during the sizzling summer months. But it’s not just the rising temperatures that warm up to the ice cream trend; the season represents a time of gathering, celebration, and, of course, indulgence. From classic cones to avant-garde popsicles and gelato, the variety within the segment offers something for everyone. For entrepreneurs, especially those in the foodservice industry, ice cream presents not only a lucrative product offering but also a way to increase foot traffic and build year-round brand loyalty.

Chilling the Competition: Quality Machines Make the Difference

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, having the right equipment can make or break a business. A high-quality ice cream machine delivers consistency in texture and flavour and is efficient, reliable, and cost-effective in the long run. In Kelowna BC, A1 Heating and Air Conditioning is more than a provider of machines; we are a partner invested in your success. With an extensive inventory of ice cream machines and freezers tailored for commercial use, we are a one-stop shop for your frozen venture. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, product knowledge, and industry expertise ensures that you’re equipped to scoop your way to the top.

Capacity Counts in Cold Cash

No two businesses are entirely alike, and that means finding an ice cream machine that matches your production needs is paramount. Whether you’re operating a quaint parlor or a bustling franchise, ensuring your machine’s capacity aligns with your serving volume is non-negotiable. We will help you choose the best machine for your business plans to keep smiles frozen on your customers’ faces. Ice cream machines come with an array of features, from integrated pasteurization systems to specialized dashers for different textures. Your business model will dictate which functions are essential. We help you understand the benefits of each, empowering you to make an informed decision that meets both your operational and product quality goals. While a top-of-the-line machine might seem like the obvious choice, it’s essential that brilliance doesn’t break the bank. A1 Heating and Air Conditioning offers a range of ice cream machines that cater to various budgets, ensuring that the initial investment is balanced against the long-term profitability of your business, and ask us about our financing options to make your business a success.
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Chilling with Confidence: Installation and Servicing Are Key

Selecting a machine is only part of the process. Proper installation and maintenance are critical in guaranteeing the long-term performance and reliability of your equipment. A1 Heating and Air Conditioning doesn’t just sell and deliver machines; we install them to the highest standard and provide ongoing service support.

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With a full staff of experienced Refrigeration Mechanics, A1 Heating and Air Conditioning is the right choice to partner with your business. From repair and maintenance of various commercial refrigeration systems, to designing large walk-in coolers for liquor stores, we have done it all.