Electric Air Handlers/Furnaces

Electric heating in BC is often found in regions where natural gas is not available. Our experienced technicians can repair and install all makes and models of electric air handlers. While often neglected, servicing your electric air handler can help reduce the cost to heat your home, sometimes significantly!

Modern electric air handlers use computer controlled blower fan motors to optimize your comfort and improve the energy efficiency of your heating system. When it comes to replacing your air handler, we offer industry leading products that come standard with 10 year warranties.

Air Handler Options

Not all air handlers use electricity to heat! Some can be used with boiler systems and use hot water coils to heat the air in your home. As mechanical rooms get smaller, systems like this can take up less space. Ask us if a combined system is right for you!

Reducing Utility Expenses

If you are tired of high electrical bills from your electric heat, we suggest adding an electric heat pump. In some months, a heat pump could potentially save you 60% on electric heating! Ask our professional team of experts for more information.

The government of BC is also now offering incentives to switch to “greener” electric heating sources through their CleanBC initiatives.

Visit www.betterhomesbc.ca for more information on rebates that may be available.