Specialty Units

PTAC’s – Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

PTAC’s are popular in Condominiums, Apartments and even short-term rentals like Hotels. They are long rectangular through the wall units usually placed under a window. There are several variations, but they all use electricity to heat and cool your home. Our technicians have experience with quick and accurate diagnostic of any issues you may have and can recommend the most cost-efficient solution to get you comfortable again!

If you are a property manager in charge of keeping a number of PTAC’s operating at peak comfort levels, A1 can help create a system with you to reduce downtime to a minimum. If you are having trouble with a PTAC, we can quickly swap in a spare unit and repair the failure offsite. This reduces the disruption to your tenants or guests.

If a partnership like this may be of benefit to you, please contact our office so we can discuss further how we may be able to help.

Condo Packs/Magicpacks/Skypacks/Vertipacks

These specialty units are designed almost exclusively for use in condominiums. They are self-contained packaged units that are mounted through the wall but use ductwork to distribute heating and cooling throughout the condo. They can even use natural gas for heating. As many of these units are aging, A1 has become experts in their repair and replacement with upgraded higher efficient units. As we are a Napolean Condo Pack dealer, we can offer great warranties on a unit that can be both more efficient, and a painless replacement.

Mobile Home Heating

Heating systems in mobile homes are different than those found in your average home that is built in place. They use natural gas, propane, and oil burning furnaces but require different certifications and in many cases are of a specific design and size.

We have experience upgrading to high-efficient natural gas and propane mobile home furnaces and can recommend the proper unit that will meet your needs at a budget that you can afford! You may also be eligible for rebates from Fortis to switch away from oil burning furnaces. Doing so may even lower your home insurance as oil tanks are an environmental nightmare if they ever were to leak.

Upgrade your mobile home heating and cooling system!

Do you find your mobile home furnace too loud? One service we can offer to our customers who are looking to upgrade their mobile home heating and cooling system is a single outdoor packaged system. We tie into your existing ductwork and install a unit outside that can take care of your heating and cooling needs remotely. The primary benefit is a drastic reduction in noise inside your home. The removal of the indoor furnace can also allow for additional much needed storage. In addition, the conversion is often less expensive than if you were already planning on replacing both your furnace and air conditioning. Contact us for a FREE no obligation quote if you think a system like this may be right for you!

Shop Heaters

Want to add heating to your shop or garage that you can afford to operate? We can install any required gas line and provide you with a shop heater that will keep your shop toasty all winter long!