Air Conditioning

It’s in our name!

We know how to keep you cool as a cucumber. Whether you have come home on a summer day to a house that is too hot, or you are looking to get an air conditioner installed for the first time, make A1 Heating and Air Conditioning your first call.

We stock many of the parts needed to get your air conditioner working in our service technicians vans and we leave space in the schedule each day to try and get to you the same day you call!
Why wait three days to get the other guys out, when we can be there today and fix it on the spot?


If you’re looking to have an air conditioner or heat pump added to your furnace or air handler, we have the certifications required to install the new electrical circuit ourselves. No need for the hassles of dealing with a separate electrical contractor, call A1 Heating and Air Conditioning to get a “complete” package.

What kind of a system do you need? Our experts are happy to help. You will need to consider

  • Do you already have a natural gas furnace and ductwork?
  • How large is the space you need to cool?
  • Are you in a strata development with policies on what can be installed?
  • What is the best warranty for you?
  • An installation contractor with expertise in sizing and installing your new system!
Ask us about rebates that may be available for your project!