A-1 Heating & Air Conditioning in Kelowna – Your Commercial HVAC Experts

Our team of commercial HVAC service technicians have the skills needed to get your heating and cooling system operating at peak efficiency. Properly maintained equipment lasts longer, uses less energy, and is more reliable.

With the experience that comes from taking care of more than 200 rooftop heating and cooling packaged units across the Okanagan, you can trust us to keep you comfortable and any tenants you may have happy.

We specialize in commercial and industrial service contracts that keep our hard-working business community comfortable. We keep your equipment running smoothly through scheduled maintenance programs that keep your equipment efficient, reliable, and up to date for product warranties.

We have experience with a variety of:

  • RTU’s (RoofTop packaged heating and cooling units)
  • Centralized ducted systems with common return
  • Cooling Towers and Chillers
  • Zoning systems
  • Economizers
  • Make Up Airs
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Commercial Boilers
  • Commercial Chillers

Quality heating & air conditioning solutions

Commercial Chillers

Centralized air conditioning and refrigeration systems for large buildings use chillers that generate chilled water and are installed in the basement or on the roof. Chillers discard unwanted heat generated by machinery, the sun and human activity, and other heating loads, usually through a cooling tower. Your building will have its own unique demands for air cooling and conditioning and we can calibrate your commercial HVAC chiller to deliver the right temperature, humidity and ventilation for maximum benefits.

Cooling Towers for Industry

Commercial cooling towers use air and water together as part of the process to help cycle cool air through your building in conjunction with a chiller. We install and maintain either natural draft or mechanical draft towers to meet the cooling needs of your business. During our consultation process, we consider the cooling system as a whole, and work with you to determine the best product or maintenance plan that will keep your cooling tower operational and running quietly.

Commercial Boilers in Kelowna

We install natural gas boilers that fit your application. These commercial grade boilers meet the demands of our industrial sector and come with outstanding warranties. We also design maintenance schedules that keep your equipment running smoothly. Commercial boilers are often paired with cooling towers and chiller systems for heating but can be used in a number of applications. Call us for an estimate to match your customized requirements for:

  • Boiler Inspection
  • Boiler Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Boiler Replacements
  • Boiler Installation

Make Up Air Units

Make Up Airs are used to “make-up” and condition air that is lost through building exhausts (think restaurant exhausts or industrial exhaust). In the winter, if you remove air through a kitchen exhaust system, rather than replacing it with air that could be -10C or lower, the air is heated as it enters the building. In many cases, heated make-up air is required by building codes. They can cool air as well in the summer.

Apartments, condos and even hotels that have common hallways often pressurize the hallways using a make-up air. This prevents any smells generated in individual units (kitchen smells) from entering hallways and spreading throughout the building.

Have an aging make-up air that is in need of replacement, repair, or just needs to be prepared for the coming season of operation? Contact our office in Kelowna for more information on how we can help you!