Now that cool Okanagan mornings have arrived, consider getting your house in order for the coming winter. One item on your to-do list should be a furnace check-up. A year may have gone by since you even thought about your furnace! Our A1Kelowna heating experts recommend that homeowners book a yearly furnace checkup to ensure everything is running properly. Doing so can save you plenty in expensive repairs later on. With this check-up, you mitigate the risk of running into warranty-related issues. Plus, you will ensure your furnace is running efficiently and saving you money.

Look for these signs

  1. Noise – If you turn your thermostat up, do your air vents emit a high-pitched or tuning-fork-like sound? This might mean a lack of return air. When this happens, the system needs to pull harder; this increases the pressure, which can cause echoes through the vents.
  2. Unusual odours – If your furnace area radiates any gas, oil, burning, or musty smell, it could be that parts may need to be replaced. Even a clogged air filter can cause this.
  3. The furnace does not heat – If you aren’t feeling heat coming up through your vents- bringing your home to the temperature on that thermostat – it’s time for a check-up.

Even if none of these signs are present, better to call and book that visit!

What we look for in a Furnace Check-up

  • Check and Change the Furnace Filter – We will check the filter to assess its working condition and replace it if its dirty
  • Test your Thermostat – We will check your thermostat is actively connecting to the furnace
  • Ensure that burners are free from dust and debris – Dust and debris tend to accumulate during the summer months. When doing the cleaning, we keep out for any need for replacement
  • Oil the furnace motor blower and other parts – The blower motor is vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of the heating system. We will check all parts are functioning properly and provide an estimate if any parts need replacing.
  • We have a checklist for all makes and models of furnaces that we use! An annual check-up reduces the chance of any harmful gases or particles being released. We will identify any malfunction and rectify this.

Schedule Your Pre-Winter Tune-up

Since 2001, Okanagan customers have relied on A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning for their furnace maintenance. We are a service-oriented company, providing repairs, parts and new equipment – and we take care of installations and maintenance. We also cater to emergencies through our same-day service. Call us to schedule a visit!