Food and beverage (F&B) are the fuel that keep our bodies going. They are also at the very core of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and food processing companies across the hospitality and food supply sectors. These businesses rely on commercial refrigeration.

The mechanics behind refrigeration

The goal of commercial refrigeration is to prevent spoilage and illness. What makes this possible? It’s the law of thermodynamics that keeps food and liquids fresh for extended periods. When two objects with different temperatures lie adjacent to one another, the heat from the warmer object flows to the colder. The same principle applies to cooling, wherein the heat of the food unit gets transferred to the refrigerant around the storage unit.

Importance of food preservation

Successful food preservation means happy and satisfied customers, and more profit for the business. Municipal and provincial codes guide how food can be preserved in order to avoid the deadly impact of viruses and bacteria such as Salmonella, E.Coli, and Listeria. Efficient, reliable refrigeration is key – these systems must be well-designed and regularly maintained.

Energy Efficiency

When buying a commercial refrigerator look for the certification sticker from ENERGY STAR; these models will reduce energy waste and ensure energy efficiency. Secondly, open your refrigeration units and you should be welcomed by low-lit lighting (LEDs). The lighting takes up less energy and reduces the impact on the cooling load in the refrigeration unit.
Advancements in cooling technologies now include On-demand defrost control, which is more energy-efficient and reduces how long it takes to defrost, compared to a timed defrost mechanism.
If you have walk-in refrigerators installed at your premises, then curtain strips and automatic door closers are excellent features to reduce warm air infiltration.

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