Commercial buildings require a make-up air unit (MUA) in order to regulate the fresh air replacement for air lost through vents and exhaust systems. Our goal when planning a new system is to protect the health and safety of a building’s occupants while providing excellent energy efficiency.

Warehouses and Large Structures

Buildings with industrial or large-scale commercial uses require a make-up air unit installation assessment during the design phase. As building envelopes become tighter to improve energy efficiency, the circulation of fresh air must also be considered. Building codes outline the minimum natural air infiltration required.
Whether naturally or mechanically ventilated, incoming air temperature is also important to think about when designing HVAC for buildings design. Fluctuations in outdoor air temperature need to be managed at the point of entry. Make-up air systems moderate the incoming air temperature in order to maintain the appropriate comfort level inside the building throughout the process.

Calculations are Involved

Complex commercial and industrial facilities require accurate analysis of the rate (cubic meters per minute) of exhausted air. By understanding the building and equipment layout,our technicians at A1Kelowna ensure constant, neutralized pressure inside, even during times of heavy industrial activity.

Even Condo Buildings Need Make-Up Air Units

Often located on the roof or in an interior mechanical room, make-up air units are an essential component of any structure with air ventilation occurring. In residential condo buildings, the make-up air unit needs to be calibrated properly to avoid excessive noise from the unit, to eliminate odors within the building from localized activities, and to ensure the building pressure is maintained at all times.

venting and air conditioning units up on top of industrial roof line

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