Most people get through the daily grind via to-do lists. Some items are so routine, like muscle-memory – such as checking your phone and emails and keeping a tab on bills. But what about those furnace filters? This often gets overlooked.
It may seem unbelievable that such a small part of your furnace can have a significant impact on your home’s air quality and your health. As unfathomable as it seems, it is true. This might be due to a misunderstanding of their functionality. The primary purpose is not to purify the air but to trap dust, dirt and grime from getting into your furnace! So what happens if you don’t change your air filter regularly?

Clogging up

Not changing your furnace filter for a long time leads to a collection of dust and dirt in the moving parts of the furnace, such as the motors and valves. The accumulation of particulates eventually restricts airflow as less space is available for air to pass through. This hampers heating and cooling and decreases the performance and efficiency.

Increased Cost

Not changing your filter puts a strain on your HVAC system by forcing it to use more power to work, thereby making your system less energy-efficient. The system has to slog harder to maintain the optimum temperature. Changing the filter can help you save about 15 percent and reduce costs of repair. Filters aren’t expensive, so don’t wait to replace yours.

Moisture and mould

Apart from dirt, dust and smoke particulates, your filter also collects moisture and mould spores. If you have a high-efficiency filter that you have not replaced for a long time, it may be circulating germs and allergens in your living/working spaces. Changing filters helps to maintain indoor air quality and helps you breathe easier.

How often should I change the filter?

Much depends on the type of filter you’ve purchased, and the air quality. In these smoky summers it is even more important. Here are some guidelines:
  • A standard filter in a home with no pets should be changed every 90 days
  • A regular filter in a house with one pet should be changed every 60 days
  • With multiple pets, consider changing the filter every 20 to 45 days
  • If there is wildfire smoke in your region, change the filter every 60 days

Furnace Maintenance and Repairs Are Our Specialty

If you aren’t sure you need a filter change, or how to do this, call the team at A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning. We’d be happy to do a fall check-up and ensure your furnace is ready for the winter, including the filter. We carry them in our truck! Call us to schedule your appointment today before the snow flies!