Seasonal changes, such as that from hot and humid to cold and dry, tend to impact the structure of your windows and doors (particularly for wooden doors and window frames). These expand with moisture and contract in the cold and overtime, the seals weaken. You may also start to feel drafts around older skylights. When this happens, you have drafty windows and doors.
In the summer months all may be okay – your AC is working and you may not feel heat seeping in. It’s the winter months that can get problematic. These air leaks force you into spending extra bucks on higher-than-usual energy bills.

First, locate the Drafts

The ‘see’ test

If you have wooden frames, look for cracks in the caulking. Note that most drafts enter through window or door cracks. Another place to notice is the glazing thar’s on the surface of windows. However, it does not end here! Also, look under the door – assess the gap between your door and the floor. If you can see light entering underneath, the gap is big enough for air to flow in from outside. Older front doors often leak!

The ‘feel’ test

Begin by standing near your door or window – especially in the case of a visible crack. If you feel a soft breeze or air seems to penetrate through it, you are dealing with a draft.
Another place to get the feel test done is the wood-burning older fireplace. Their chimneys when not in use, draw cold air down into a room.

Check the air ducts

If you are experiencing a cold draft coming through your vents, there’s a possibility that your air ducts are not up to the mark. Most people often tend to realise this when it is too late.

Check the electrical outlets

Another place that drafts penetrate is through wall plugs. If yes, there might be a small draft that is slowly eating away your energy efficiency.

What’s the Solution?

Your HVAC system may not be running as efficiently as it can due to drafty doors and windows. While replacing doors and windows is key, so is a regular maintenance check of your furnace. Don’t wait for those cold nights to schedule a check-up with the experts at A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning – give us a call today!