In the HVAC world, a furnace is referred to as a building’s primary heating source. If you are considering a replacement or a big repair, we would like to share what we are seeing in the many technological improvements available for energy efficient heating!
Here’s a list of the important things every homeowner and building superintendent should know about winter heating and how to save money on utility costs.

Furnaces Run on Fuel

Different primary heating sources consume different types of fuel with different CO2 emissions:
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Piped-propane
  • Oil
  • Wood or other solid fuel
If you buy a new furnace, you might be surprised to know that all of the fuel types listed above are eligible for the CleanBC Better Homes Rebate program. The BC government goal is to help you reduce your living expenses by upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances. They are also encouraging BC residents to reduce CO2 emissions.
Fireplaces (open wood, natural gas, propane) may be something you were might have considered for a smaller structure’s primary heating source. But because they aren’t very efficient, they are not eligible for provincial CleanBC renovation rebates. There are also restrictions for some buildings heated with natural gas, that you can read more about on their program page.

Your Choices For Primary Heating Sources

Your upgraded home heating system could contain one or more of the following primary heating sources:
  • Electric baseboard or wall heater
  • Electric furnace
  • Electric heat pump
  • Electric air-to-water heat pump
  • Natural gas furnace or boiler
  • Propane furnace or boiler
  • Oil furnace or boiler
  • Wood stove
With each of these systems, there is the possibility of moving to higher energy efficiency. Our techs at A1Kelowna can give you advice on the right way to go for your location and budget. For example, by converting to an air source heat pump, air-to-water heat pump, and use a natural gas furnace only for backup heat, you can reduce your emissions and possible save money on monthly utility bills. We will review your energy needs and provide a fast quote!
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We’re Okanagan Experts in HVAC Energy Efficiency

When you’re upgrading your system and choosing a government rebate, it’s best to have an industry expert in your corner. The certified technicians at A1 Heating and Air Conditioning in Kelowna know how to navigate the world of rebates and energy-efficient new technology. Don’t delay. Call now and see the benefits in reduced utility bills this winter.