Summer is here and the hot weather has begun. Is your home cool? Today, we’re answering your questions about the advantages of ductless air conditioning systems.

Why Go Ductless for Home A/C?

A1 Kelowna Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Okanagan Valley for over 20 years with expert knowledge and industry know-how. Our technicians say that the top 5 reasons to choose a ductless A/C system are:

#1 — Ductless systems are economical. Save on utility bills by flowing cool air directly where it’s needed. Cooled air isn’t lost inside a long duct system in your home.

#2 — You control the temperature where you are at! Central A/C means you have one thermostat and can’t achieve room-by-room cooling control in your home.

#3 — Cheaper installation. Even for a new home, a ducted system is expensive. And in an older home, ductless is by far your cheapest alternative because you aren’t opening up floors and walls and installing ducts.

#4 — Ductless is environmentally friendly. If you’re cooling less cubic footage, you are saving the planet. You need comfort, but there are parts of your home you don’t need to cool 24/7.

#5 — Gain useful square footage. Ductwork takes up valuable space, especially in closet size and ceiling height requirements.


Don’t Wait – Get Ductless Air Conditioning

A1 Kelowna Heating and Air Conditioning knows that the coolest place to be this summer is at the SPLASH BC floating playground just off the downtown beach Kelowna on beautiful Okanagan Lake. Once you arrive back home and need to cool down, you’ll want a good night’s sleep delivered by your new ductless home air conditioning system.
Call us to arrange a site visit for your home or office and we will send you a quote fast. We do AC installations, maintenance and repairs. You’ll be surprised how affordable your new A/C system will be when you go ductless.