As the leaves begin to fall in the Kelowna area, it signals the transition from summer to autumn, and homeowners can expect chillier days ahead. One important thing the team at A1 Heating and Cooling are thinking about is a checkup for your HVAC system. You may be getting a call from us! Ensuring furnace and all other HVAC components are in prime condition guarantees a warm and cozy home this winter, and you might even save money and be more energy-efficient! Let’s delve into the parts of the fall checkup every homeowner should undertake to ready their HVAC system.

Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks for Fall

Changing or Cleaning Furnace Filters: This is one of the simplest yet most effective maintenance tasks. Filters become clogged with smoke and dust over the summer, which reduces airflow. This causes your system to work harder than necessary. Changing or cleaning them can enhance efficiency and indoor air quality. Our techs carry the filters with them when they come to do your fall maintenance – Call to schedule an appointment today!
Dirty air conditioning unit covered in leaves
Thermostat Check: Recalibrating your thermostat ensures it operates efficiently as we transition into the colder months. If you’re still using a manual one, now might be an excellent time to consider upgrading to a programmable model. It allows you to set different temperatures for various times of the day, potentially saving on heating costs, right from your phone. Great when you are travelling!
Ductwork Inspection: A well-sealed duct is vital to an efficiently running system. Our team will run diagnostics that check for leaks or obstructions throughout the system, that can reduce heating effectiveness and increase costs. Ask our techs if you think you need to have your ducts and vents cleaned.
Checking Any Exterior Units, like Heat Pumps: Falling leaves can easily clog your heat pump. Clear any debris on top and around the unit to maintain adequate airflow around the condenser.

It’s A Seasonal Shift

Preparing and optimizing your HVAC system is a quick thing to ensure your home’s overall comfort and efficiency. Our techs will check that your system runs smoothly and efficiently from the fall to next summer. Did you know that FortisBC offers a rebate for servicing natural gas appliances in 2023? Click here to learn more!
HVAC systems are quite complex and need professional care. A1 Heating and Air Conditioning is here to assist. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your system is primed for the season and operates at its best. Why wait? Reach out to us today, and let’s welcome fall with the warmth it deserves.