Today, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market includes all kinds of systems. So varied are the product options that homeowners may have trouble choosing the perfect product. But, one piece of equipment rises above the rest in popularity – the ductless mini-split system, also known as ductless air conditioning.

Introducing ductless cooling

The name itself is a giveaway! The ductless cooling system provides an avenue for cooling your living spaces without any ductwork. These are mini-split systems that use one outdoor condensing unit and one or more indoor ones. What’s unique is that instead of ductwork, the outdoor and indoor units are connected through the wall using refrigerant lines. These units typically are wall-mounted with adjustable fans to blow air throughout a room.

Benefits of ductless cooling systems

  • Homeowners can install the indoor units anywhere in their house without major re-construction
  • The outside condenser unit is quite small and can be placed along an exterior wall without taking up too much room
  • Highly efficient, and can provide both heating and cooling for 4-season comfort
  • They are perfect for cooling older homes without ductwork
  • You don’t need to rely on having a window that can hold an air conditioner. All you need is to drill a small hole in the wall, and you are good to go.
  • Saves you money
Quite often, homeowners might have part of their home that wasn’t set up for central air. For instance, a DIY mechanic might spend a considerable time at his or her workshop in the garage. Previously, one would have to worry about extending ductwork to cool these areas. But not anymore! The ductless mini-split system saves you trouble by dispensing cool air into these areas as well.

Ideal for tiny or mobile homes

Many people in the Okanagan are opting for mobile homes. Central HVAC systems with ductwork are not feasible for such homes. A ductless system can be easily wall-mounted.


Households with ductwork tend to lose around 20% or more energy through ductwork. With ductless systems, that issue is non-existent. They comprise inverter-driven compressors that can adjust the speed upwards or downwards according to the desired temperature.

Let’s Walk the Talk

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