Farmers’ Almanac is predicting an exceptionally cold winter for Kelowna. Big White’s hiring again and summer Bike Pass holders will be switching into winter ski season before we know it.
Is your HVAC system ready for the cold? Can we help ensure that your system is clean after a hot dry summer, and the furnace or boiler prepped for winter?

Helpful Tips for Prepping Your HVAC System

Like any machinery that sits idle for part of the year, your furnace demands a bit of TLC before being fired up and taxed for intense winter cold. Now is the time to prime your system.
Here are some of the spots you’ll want one of our certified HVAC technician to take a look at:
  • Check for clogged filters
  • Verify sufficient pipe insulation
  • Ensure stable electrical connections
  • Assess energy efficiency
  • Test Your Programmable Thermostat
  • Double check defrost cycle on heat pumps
  • Inspect outdoor equipment placement for snow hazards
  • Knowledgably eliminate musty first-firing smells through system testing

If Your Equipment’s Getting Old, You Need to Plan Ahead

Fall is a good time to ask us to come in and provide a detailed system assessment. Professional HVAC installation companies know that rising utility payments and heavy repair invoices tip the balance for equipment replacement timing.
Upgrading might include:
  • Greater energy efficiency for lower utility bills year-round
  • Better technology for all-year interior temperature comfort
  • Improved air quality for the health and well-being of your family
  • Employee and Customer health considerations with high-confidence air purification
  • Testing and upgrading your furnace humidifier
dirty air filter in a HVAC Furnace

We’re Here to Help

At A1 Kelowna Heating and Air Conditioning, you’ll find local goodness with industry-wide expertise. Keeping up on the latest innovations and finding ways to stretch your utility budget while providing temperature control comfort is what we’re all about.
Call today to book a fall home or commercial HVAC system review. Get the furnace fired up and your HVAC systems’ components ready for everything winter will bring.