We all want to feel healthy and comfortable. While the external environment is outside your control, you can control many aspects of the heating and cooling solutions in your residence or commercial spaces.
Solutions that help bring about the balance you need!
Be it heating, cooling or ventilation, these solutions, referred to together as HVAC, help attain the ideal environment.

Heating systems

Of several types of heating systems, radiant floors (also called hydronic heating system) are increasingly popular. This system operates through underfloor piping comprising of flexible tubes that contain water or a glycol solution. The system can radiate heat to any floor type, whether concrete, wood, tile, or others. It is a highly efficient method of warming up the interiors of your commercial or residential space. A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning can provide service or repairs to ensure your system is doing the best job for you!

Cooling systems

Air conditioning is probably the first thing that pops into our mind as summer approaches. Air conditioners are available in many sizes and don’t always require ductwork.
There are three popular categories of cooling systems that front-run the cooling of spaces- the ductless mini-split system, ducted split A/C, and evaporative coolers. The first is very popular in Okanagan residences when adding ducts isn’t an option, and it’s relatively inexpensive to buy as well as run. Ducted split A/C systems can be sized and installed by A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning after a discussion about the size of your home and cooling demands. Finally, the latter is a popular choice for commercial operations. The system draws in outside air which passes through water-saturated pads that cool and moisten the air before dispensing it.

The Real Talk

Established in 2001 in Kelowna, A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning is a service-oriented company that can make expert recommendations for all heating and cooling solutions, including central heat pumps, air conditioning and speciality units. Our qualified and professional technicians are trained to complete all installations.

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