The peaceful serenity of a walk in the woods. Listening to the birds. The wind in the trees. Is it possible to live in a quiet home when you’re also running a centralized heating and cooling system?
We asked our team of HVAC experts here at A1 Kelowna Heating and Air Conditioning for advice. What’s the industry insider-knowledge for a peaceful HVAC footprint?

Understand the Specs

Every unit has its own noise specifications. When replacing your A/C or furnace, consider the decibel rating the manufacturer has reported for the unit. These are getting quieter every year!
Decibels on A/C units can range from 70 – 85 decibels. For comparison, your new TV is likely rated at 60 decibels. Mechanisms that are heating or cooling air take effort and that effort creates noise.
Older units are generally noisier. New styles, like the York Affinity series’ Quiet Drive System, promote smoother airflow and quieter operations using advanced technology.

Best Practice: Maintenance Works

If you aren’t sure what your unit’s decibel rating is, your HVAC technician can help. They are also your best resource for noise reduction options on older units.
A system that is poorly maintained is highly likely to cycle excessively or emit correctable noise. Regular maintenance also improves energy efficiency, length of life, and utility bills.
Your technician may advise that additional measures will help with noise reduction. Where the unit’s components are located, wrapping units in foam or insulating blankets, installing a sound-blocking wall — there are several industry tricks for reducing bothersome noise.

Call for an Appointment

If your HVAC equipment is squeaky, wheezing, clanking, or just hasn’t had a maintenance check in a long time, reach out to the knowledgeable techs at A1 Kelowna Heating and Air Conditioning.