We’re about to head into another scorching summer. Are you ready to combat the heat? Have you considered installing air conditioning in your home, but maybe you’re worried about the cost?
Let’s ask our friends at A1 Heating & Air Conditioning in Kelowna for advice on affordable summer cooling options. Now is the time to start thinking about how your family is going to cope with BC’s record setting heat.
Assuming you don’t already have pre-existing ductwork in your house, you’ll need to look at retrofit alternatives. Although it is possible to retrofit an entire duct system, it is an expensive option that might be out of reach.
The good news is that ductless A/C systems are available as a great retrofit solution. The most common type is called a mini-split system and it can cool up to eight rooms. These systems feature energy efficiency and convenient operations using area-specific, temperature remotes. It’s possible to combine a mini-split A/C system with a heating option as well. These units are placed on an exterior wall of your house, with an outside unit placed at ground level. They’re a great option for a loft, garage or workshop as well.
An interesting alternative that’s growing in popularity, as gas prices rise, is the electric air-source heat pump. Installation allows for both cooling and heating improvements in your house. The big win is an ongoing reduction in your winter heating bills, even while your new summer A/C operations are also energy and cost efficient.

Rebates are available!

The even-better news about ductless systems and heat pumps is that BC Hydro is currently offering BC homeowners funds for products and installation. By taking advantage of government incentives to convert to heat pump technology, you’ll can also install an A/C system in your home!

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You don’t need to suffer this summer. There are affordable options to keep your home cool and your family comfortable. Call the experts at A1 Heating & Air Conditioning for more information today.