Pets add so much to our lives – especially dogs and cats. HVAC professionals are well aware that these furry animals impact the indoor air quality of your living spaces. So if you are a pet parent or thinking of becoming one, keep in mind the following. Doing so will ensure the best air quality.

Dealing with dander

Dander is pieces of animal skin swept into the air. Furry or not furry, all pets have dander. And it’s in the air you breathe at home. Those allergic to dander may also risk suffering from asthma. You can keep your home and pets clean in the following three ways:
  • Change your furnace air filter regularly: For best results, go for filters that can detect and catch pet dander. Your HEPA or ionic filters may not fit the bill. Consult the packaging when purchasing, and also ask your HVAC professional for proper guidance when they next do a check-up on your furnace.
  • Clean the ductwork: Dander often settles in the ductwork of your home. Be on the safe side, when you have your furnace or AC specialist in speak with them about checking the air ducts. Air duct cleaning companies specialize in these services – check your online directory for one near you.
  • Air Purifier Installation: Air purifiers (portable ones you can move from room to room, or ones attached to your furnace) can help keep the indoor air clean.

Grooming your pets

If you have furry pets, brush their fur to reduce shedding and avoid plugging up your central vac. Also, frequently clean out kennels, litter boxes, and other areas that your animals use. Experts recommend that you buy a high-power vacuum cleaner or central vac with a HEPA filter to collect hair, dander and other allergens from drapes, rugs and carpets.

UV lighting

Not many are aware, but UV lighting helps improve your indoor air quality. No matter how well-groomed your pets are, they still carry a multitude of germs. Even a quick run out on your lawn is sufficient for your pet to bring inside microorganisms. Once inside, animals transmit these to other surfaces or they disperse into the air. Hence, UV lights are an excellent idea – they are proficient at killing bacteria and mould spores.
The best place to install UV lighting is inside your HVAC system itself or in proximity to the evaporator coil inside the machine.
Senior man changing a dirty air filter in a HVAC Furnace

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