When Okanagan weather seems topsy-turvy, you need not fret. We may feel we have an ideal climate for much of the year, but do you have to work at attaining the perfect room temperature? One appliance that can help with your home’s heating and cooling is an electric air handler.

What is an air handler?

As the name suggests, its chief function is to handle the air inside your home. Physically, it might look like a furnace, but it is different. An air handler doesn’t have a burner, and it does not use natural gas or propane as its source.
An electric air handler is part of your home HVAC system. Sometimes, it is mistaken for an air conditioner! If an air conditioner sits outside your home cooling system, the air handler is always inside.
An air handler serves as both a heater in cold climates and a cooler in warmer weather. It works with your air conditioner and heat pump to deliver the ideal room temperature. The machine ventilates the indoors by circulating the air dispensed through the outdoor AC unit or heating pump condenser.

What is the air handler made of?

An electric air handler is comprised of an evaporating coil, a blower motor, an air filter and other components.
Evaporating coil – When indoors needs cooling, the coil grows cold because it gets rid of humidity as indoor air passes over it. On the other hand, when you need heating, the coil becomes warm as it transfers heat to the air.
Blower Motor – The motor redirects outside air to the connected ductwork throughout your living space. A blower motor comes in various speeds – single, multi- or variable speed models.
Filter – The filter serves as an important intermediary between the blower and the ductwork. Before any air enters your ducts, it goes through an air filter. The filter helps minimize the circulation of particulates.

Measuring the efficiency of your air handler

Performance gets measured either by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER (for cooling) or by the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF. The qualified professionals at A1Kelowna Heating and Air can tell you how your air handler is performing.

Regular Maintenance on your Air Handler

Call A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning for regular maintenance on your heating, cooling and ventilation systems in residential and commercial spaces. Established in 2001, we provide an extensive range of services for electric air handlers, including installation, repair and maintenance. Speak with us about the flexible payment options we offer through SNAP Financial.