Your HVAC system provides a comfortable temperature to your home, office, warehouse, retail store, or industrial buildings. It’s the workhorse of your infrastructure, whether you think about it or take it for granted. Whether you have a small residential heating need or an industrial 24/7 temperature control requirement, a proactive maintenance routine is essential.
HVAC professionals have a “4 Phase” approach for air conditioning and heating unit maintenance. If you familiarize yourself with this practical approach, you’ll take advantage of:
  • Longer unit life
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Lowest possible utility bills
  • Elimination of repair expenses

Phase 1 – Corrective Maintenance

If your interior temperature isn’t constant or your utility bills are fluctuating and you don’t know why, call us for a solution. You need a licensed technician who can fix the problem and move on to the next maintenance phase quickly.

Phase 2 – Preventative Maintenance

Once you have a trusted professional who understands your system design, they will be able to recommend preventative maintenance steps you should take to increase the lifespan of your equipment.

Phase 3 – Risk-based Maintenance

You and your technician need to assess home or business risks due to temperature fluctuations. What if wildfires disrupt the electrical grid and affect your refrigeration? Do you need a back-up system? Your technician can help design a plan with you, to handle all types of emergencies.

Phase 4 – Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance allows you to budget for end-of-use replacement. Your technician can advise on when your HVAC equipment may need to be upgraded, and what’s on the market for higher efficiency in technology. We’ll provide you with a quote that includes a range of equipment to suit any budget.

We’ll Keep Your Business Running

Whether your HVAC system is split, hybrid, duct-free, or packaged, A1 Kelowna Heating and Air Conditioning has the maintenance solutions you need. Plan now and avoid emergencies later. Call today for a professional evaluation.