We are all concerned about the impact of climate change on BC. How best to prepare for changing weather patterns in the future, when planning for a new heating and cooling system? What can a responsible property owner or manager do to maintain a sustainable footprint? Are there HVAC products that will provide superior results and environmental wins?
  • Look for ENERGY STAR products. This designation appears on energy-saving appliances and building products that lower your oil or gas usage. The ENERGY STAR symbol is promoted as the internationally recognized approval for items certified as “energy efficient.”
  • Solar power is an excellent way to pivot away from fossil fuel reliance and towards sustainable solutions for the energy required to run your HVAC. There are two main alternatives for solar power in your home or commercial facility: direct power (roof panels, etc.) and passive power (thermal construction maximization, heat capture systems).
  • Hydronic heating systems are an old technology which is becoming new again. Heat moves through a home or office via water flow (conduction, convection, and radiation).
  • Smart thermostat installation is a simple improvement to your home or commercial building which can help reduce your oil or gas usage and CO2 emissions. A smart thermostat is one part of a larger smart home/automation system for even greater HVAC precision.
  • Equipment component optimization evaluations performed by an HVAC contractor will help you with your equipment purchase. Our experts might consider notched V-belts for incremental energy efficiency over a longer life, air-conditioning economizers to reduce energy demand through cooler outside air supplementation, furnaces with variable speed drives or fans, demand-controlled ventilation retrofits, or energy recovery ventilation systems to maximum extraction of hot (or cold) exhaust energy for reuse.
  • Check out your equipment supplier’s website When considering a new system, check the supplier’s website for their track record on using recycling metals or solar power in manufacturing, and other corporate social responsibility initiatives

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