Our team knows that the unsung hero in your home or office building is your air conditioning and heating system. You wouldn’t go a day without them, especially with our cold season just around the corner.
But what if something breaks down? What should you know? And, better yet, how can you prevent emergency repairs before they happen?

Here’s our quick tips:

8 Quick Tips for Air Conditioning, Furnace, Boiler, & Heat Pump Best Practices
  1. Have your system cleaned regularly to avoid costly repair surprises, later.
  2. There’s new technology and government incentives. Find out how to lower your utility bills, increase your property value, and do good for the planet.
  3. Arrange for an energy audit. Know your site’s weaknesses and make a 5-year plan to improve your energy efficiency, one project per year.
  4. Have your inside pollutant level assessed professionally. Air quality is just as important as air temperature.
  5. Prime furnaces, heat pumps, fireplaces, boilers, and hot water tanks before the cold weather arrives. Avoid costly emergency call outs later.
  6. Drips, leaks, potential pipe freezing — fixing little things now lowers energy bills and repair costs later.
  7. Fall is the ideal season to book a preventative check-up. Having a local technician who knows your system’s layout is an invaluable relationship to build now.
  8. Have your filters checked. Filters on your system act like lungs — their condition tells your HVAC technician what’s going on in your home and your equipment.
There’s so much to do in Kelowna in the fall. We’re kicking it all off with the Kelowna 2022 Comedy for a Cause Tour at the Rotary Centre’s Mary Irwin Theatre, on September 9 in support of Mama’s for Mamas. Enjoy a night out, knowing that you are prepared for any weather.
Call us for your fall home maintenance visit. Call the office to book your shoulder-season system review today.