Our summer’s been hot. And our winter’s predicted to be cold. Is your heating equipment ready? Has your older air conditioner been pushing up your utility bills?
We asked our HVAC techs what savvy customers think about when replacing equipment. Here are their 6 essential considerations to remember:

#1: Your energy efficiency goal

Given our seasonal changes, look at energy efficiency first. Get familiar with the energy efficiency ratings from HVAC manufacturers. Ask us how to lower your utility bill. Prioritize the planet and your pocketbook over the long-haul.

#2 Square footage

Don’t guess. Have your floorplan assessed by an expert. Over and under-sized equipment decisions mean unnecessary expense and interior temperature frustrations. For sites where people are working, lost productivity can be a result of poor interior temperature control.

#3 Indoor air quality (IAQ) need

Young children, elderly residents, health sensitivities, pets — these are factors to consider. Air purification processes, ventilation methods, and humidity control are all important factors to ask about.

#4 Noise sensitivity

HVAC equipment manufacturers provide decibel ratings. Equipment is getting quieter! If quiet operations are essential, especially for outdoor units, modernizing your property’s equipment will do the trick.

#5 Budget ceiling

Start planning your budget, but keep it open-ended while gathering the facts. Once you understand your system needs (energy efficiency, size, IAQ goal, noise level), you can begin to look at the price options.

#6 Maintenance plan

Don’t just hope for the best, disregarding the terms of your new equipment’s warranties. Some warranties expect an annual service call. And you’ll extend the life of your equipment and save money by arranging a standing bi-annual maintenance visit.

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