In British Columbia, we’re grappling with our future. The climate is changing, and we’re more aware than even that air conditioning is no longer an optional feature.
What do we need to know, to understand the future of air conditioning in Canada? Let’s check with the experts here at A1 Kelowna:

Air Conditioning May Become Law

We need to adapt for a warmer future and mandatory air conditioning is going to be part of it. From congregate housing to single family dwellings, new construction will soon include the extra planning forinterior air temperature bylaw regulations. This is a public safety issue, particularly in low-income and long-term care homes. Everyone is entitled to live indoors at reasonable temperatures.

Air Conditioning the Office… at Home

With so many working from home and the pandemic’s ongoing effects on businesses and industries, it’s never been more important to have a comfortable home temperature. Your workspace needs to work effectively to keep you productive. In the past, Kelowna and Penticton workers escaped daytime heat at the office…and now “the office” is home.

It’s Going to Get Hotter

Climate change is here. Our summers are hitting with a vengeance. Instead of enduring the frustration of a hot home environment for another year, hoping that things will get better, it’s time to admit…the future is here and it’s hot.
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Air Conditioning is Getting Cheaper and Eco-Friendly

Improvements in air conditioner technology mean that retrofitting older homes is practical and affordable. New in-the-wall heat pump units require little in terms of home renovation disruption and leave you with targeted room temperature control — and energy savings.

Find Out How to Cool Down Today

Don’t wait until next year. Beat the rush and install your year-round, energy-efficient home and office air conditioning today. Call our team at A1 Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an onsite visit for air conditioning system pricing and rebates for your home or office today.